Development Work and Projects

Finnish sport and physical exercise has been developed in Finland for decades with development projects. Nowdays approximately 1500 government and EU supported sports and physical activity development projects are carried out in Finland annually. Some of the projects have been developed adapted physical activity (APA). Here you can find information about APA development work and ongoing and finished APA projects.

The development work of APA has been implemented at all levels, from national level actors to local level actors but mainly by the civic sector, national and local associations in the field of public health, disability and physical activity and sports. The projects have developed opportunities of disabled and chronically ill persons to be physical active and have physical exercise, accessibility of sports facilities and sports culture that is open for all.

Development projects have been mainly funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, but also from the funds of European Union, numerous foundations etc. The development of APA is still marginal. For example the Ministry of Education and Culture allocated in 2016 about 20 million euros to different types of sports development projects. Only 3 % (0.6 million euros) was allocated direct to the development of disabled and chronically ill persons and older people's physical activity.