DAGIS - Increased Health and Wellbeing in Preschools

The DAGIS aims to increase health and wellbeing in preschools.

DAGIS - Increased  Health and Wellbeing in Preschools, is a research project that is interested in preschool children’s energy balance-related behaviors (EBRBs) and stress regulation, and also preschool personnel’s work wellbeing.

The DAGIS has four main aims:

1. To improve children’s EBRBs.

2. To reduce socioeconomic inequalities in EBRBs.

3. To improve personnel’s work wellbeing and lifestyle.

4. To create preschool as an environment for healthy lifestyle and wellbeing for children and personnel.


The projects is organized during years 2014-2019 in cooperation with Samfundet Folkhälsan, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and University of Helsinki.


The results of project are reported in stages, but the first results of study are expected during year 2015. The news about the new results and list of publications can be found on DAGIS-website (http://dagis.fi/in-english/).


DAGIS research project is funded by:

Folkhälsan Research Centre, University of Helsinki, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Academy of Finland, Ministry of Education and Culture, Juho Vainio Foundation,  Medicinska Understödsföreningen Liv och Hälsa r.f., Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Päivikki and Sakari Sohlberg Foundation