Fit For Life - Kunnossa Kaiken Ikää

Fit for Life Program (KKI)
A Finnish government funded health enhancing physical activity (HEPA) program since 1995

Fit for Life Program (Kunnossa kaiken ikää -ohjelma, KKI, in Finnish) supports creation of local HEPA services by providing funding, mentoring, seminars, and material. Operators such as national public health organizations, sport clubs, associations, work communities, occupational health care, pharmacies, and private sector are organizing local HEPA projects, in cooperation with municipal departments (sports, health, land use, road planning).

One goal of KKI is to strengthen cooperation and networking between organizations, including the administrative branches, operating in the field of HEPA. The main funders of KKI are the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (via RAY Finland’s Slot Machine Association).

The aim of local HEPA services is to help operators to establish permanent actions. The local HEPA services include groups for sedentary adults, targeted groups for sedentary men, and work communities. Also, actions to increase physically active commuting as well as daily walking and cycling are included.

The work of KKI is focused on local HEPA service chains, HEPA services for work communities and physically active commuting, outdoor conditions as well as environment for HEPA actions, and tailored campaigns such as The Adventures of Joe Finn for sedentary men. The actions have always scientific background and are based on strong networking and cooperation with practical HEPA partners.

Wide networks

  • municipalities, experts of municipal departments,
  • national public health organizations
  • work communities, occupational health care, pension insurance companies, trade unions
  • associations of public health
  • sports organizations, sport clubs
  • associations of pension
  • village communities, residents’ associations
  • pharmacies
  • parish units
  • commercial companies, private sector
  • schools, academies
  • universities and research organizations

Local HEPA service chains

KKI is developing local HEPA service chains as a part of nationwide PA counseling. The aim is to reach sedentary and, in addition, overweight adults with unhealthy lifestyle. KKI supports networking on national, regional, and local level and helps creation of new actions in which HEPA counseling could be added. Actions to strengthen local HEPA service chains contain seminars for professionals of sport and health sectors, local HEPA service chain projects, web pages, and material. Via shared operations, KKI with other HEPA operators improve availability of counseling, quality and actions of HEPA service chains. With innovative thinking KKI and its partners can reach new operators, like pharmacies. “Pharmacies on the Move” is a concept containing HEPA as a visible part of pharmacy services.

HEPA services for work communities

KKI is supporting establishment of HEPA services for work communities. KKI promotes employees ability to work and wellbeing at work through actions enhancing physically active and healthy lifestyle. In cooperation with management and personnel administration, occupational health care, trade unions and other operators, KKI emphasizes HEPA on wellbeing programs particularly for sedentary employees in work communities. Via networking KKI is trying to find out ways to activate employees to physically active lifestyle, to promote physically active commuting, and to develop PA service chains at occupational health care.

Physically active commuting

KKI is a partner on shared funded projects to increase physically active commuting and daily cycling and walking on a local level. KKI is working in cooperation with ministries and other transport authorities to improve cycling and walking as a part of sustainable mobility management on a national level. The work is based on networking with governmental authorities, organizations, municipal planners, road engineers, as well as both health and sport sectors. On the local level the aim is to create new actions at work communities for physically active commuting as a part of mobility management.

Daily outdoor conditions and environment

KKI is coordinating a daily outdoor conditions and environment group (since 2000). Via cross-sectorial communication and cooperation, the group is improving development of daily outdoor conditions and environment, which encourage physically active lifestyle of the whole population. The members of the group are representing the following ministries; Education and Culture, Social Affairs and Health, Environment, and Transport and Communications, the state-run authorities of Metsähallitus The Natural Heritage Services, and The Finnish Transport Agency, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities, Valo Finnish Sports Confederation, The Outdoor Association of Finland, The Age Institute, and KKI. The group has established a National HEPA Actions Program containing several development projects.

Targeted campaigns: For sedentary men, The Adventures of Joe Finn

Since 2007 The Adventures of Joe Finn Campaign has been promoting physical activity, wellbeing, and ability to work for sedentary men. KKI has separated actions for sedentary men and for sport and health operators. The aim of the campaign is to create permanent HEPA actions for sedentary men on a local level by a wide network. The emphasis is on establishment of the local HEPA service chains for sedentary men. The campaign has carried out three large lorry tours, a nationwide seminar tour for professionals, several local development projects, easy fitness tests, web pages, material, fitness guide booklets, and PA trial courses for men. The style and spirit of the campaign is fun, easy-going and adventurous. The emphasis is on easy ways to start exercise rather than health aspects only.


KKI produces material to HEPA professionals and to sedentary target groups. Examples of the materials; fitness follow-up card, sitting time card, fitness guide booklet for adults, fitness guide booklet for retirement age, guide booklet for weight control and physically active lifestyle, training guide for men to build up fitness and to pay attention to healthy eating, and guide booklet about healthy eating and reducing sedentary time. KKI produces also reports and guide books of best practices of the HEPA projects.


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Contact information:

Jyrki Komulainen, PhD
Program Director
Fit for Life Program
LIKES Foundation for Sport and Health Sciences
Lutakonaukio 1
FI-40100 Jyväskylä
+358 500 542193