LiVE-program - Sport and Exercise Safety in Finland

The LiVE-program is focusing to advance and develop safe and healthy ways of physical performance and especially to prevent accidents and injuries caused by physical performance. One of the main ideas is to coordinate sport injuries prevention program nationally.

LiVe-program produces knowledge and skills for healthy and safety ways of exercising and it’s focused both amateur and professional sport persons.

The ways to enhance health and good practices of physical exercise of physically active persons can be done several ways – LiVE-program leans both scientific studies and practical, field research. The results of LiVE-program are proceeded and implemented to practicefor instance by lectures, seminars, guidebooks, guidelines and creating supervisor network.

LiVe-program has started already in 2006 and it’s still ongoing by three independent sub-projects: 

  1. Healthy Athlete
  2. Healthy Schoolchild
  3. Smart Moves

LiVE-program is coordinated by UKK-Institute and Tampere Research Center of Sports Medicine (TAULA) and it’s cooperating with the National Institute of Health and Welfare. The program operates both in national and international ways. LiVE-program and sub-projects have been funded by both Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Ministry of Education and Culture.

More information concerning LiVE-project and its sub-projects are available (only in Finnish) on website:
English information is available of sub-project Smart Moves on website:


For more information, please contact:

Jari Parkkari, Chief Physician, Docent,

Anne-Mari Jussila, Development Manager,

Katariina Autio, Project Manager,