Nordic Congress of Gerontology

The 23rd Nordic Congress of Gerontology will share the most recent findings, ideas and innovations about ageing. The aim is also to increase scientific knowledge of ageing for the society, while better ageing means a better society for all. The theme of the congress is therefore ‘Good ageing – better society’.

The 23rd Nordic Congress of Gerontology is a meeting place for all researchers and professionals, whether they are in social sciences, health research, medicine, nursing, biology, humanities, services research or any other field of scientific enquiry.

The main track of the congress will include scientific sessions on all aspects of ageing. Special aim is to create sessions at which experts from different core disciplines can meet and learn from each other.

The congress will be held on 19.-22.6.2016 in city of Tampere, Finland.
All scientific sessions will be in English.

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