Physical exercise as a preventive tool against cancer?

The latest update of Current Care Guidelines higlighted the positive influence of physical exercise as a preventive tool against cancer.

Nowadays more information and evidence are available that physical exercise has positive influence preventing some cancer-types. Adequate, regular physical exercise, health nutrition and appropriate weight control could prevent at least a third of most typical cancer types according to the Cancer Society of Finland.

Even in latest update of Current Care Guidelines is highlighted the role of physical exercise to prevent cancers and positive effect during the rehabilitation time. The chief physician of the Cancer Society of Finland, M.D. Eeva Ollila, comments that at the moment it’s well known and scientific proved that physical exercise prevents breast, colorectal and endometrial cancers. There are tentative evidence that physical exercise has positive influence also other cancer types too.

It is estimated that physical exercise decreases colorectal cancer approximately 40%. It's estimated that 13% of colorectal cancer cases have some connection with extremely low level of physical exercise. The risk of breast cancer is 25% less in people, who are exercising at least seven hours per week compared to group with very minimal physical exercise.

The mechanism how physical exercise prevents cancers are still blur. Positive effect on weight control, decreased level of low-level inflammations and increased insulin sensitivity are known positive effects of physical exercise. There is scientific evidence that physical exercise should be vigorous at least concerning prevention of breast cancer. The exercising should also be done daily. On the other hand even a small amount of physical exercise decreases a risk of colorectal cancer.

The most powerful factor to prevent cancer is to quit smoking – the Cancer Society of Finland estimates that approximately 50% of cancer cases could be prevented by this way. Only after that come physical exercise, nutrition and weight control as a preventive tool. Physical exercise should take a part of daily living and it should be concerned as a tool to enhance wellbeing, health and coping of daily tasks NOT just to prevent cancer, encourages M.D. Eeva Ollila. Although there are evidences that also increased physical exercise helps to prevent cancers in some level, it should be remembered that heredity factors and coincidence have an unfortunately important role in cancer cases.