Sports research continues to function mainly with funding from Ministry of Education and Culture

Each year, from betting-pools profits, the Ministry of Education and Culture awards state grants and appropriations for research and communications in sport.

In 2010 the ministry awarded grants totalling about €6.4 million for sport-sciences research projects, sport-sciences research organizations, Academy of Finland research undertakings, the organization of international scientific congresses, and other projects of scientific and communications organizations. The ministry's support for sport sciences activity increased about 50 percent over the 2007-2011 period. The ministry receives about 100 research project applications every year. In 2010 it awarded a total of €2.45 million in state assistance to 45 scientific projects.

Funding structures changing at Ministry of Education and Culture

During the term of its former Science Division (2007-2011), the ministry revised its funding structure in order to strengthen social- and behavioural-science research, and boosted funding for research projects in social and behavioural sciences by more than 75 percent.

The ministry's sports research funding is aimed at superior, applied sport-sciences research that has both innovative value and significance in the development of practical sports activity. With the change in the funding structure, the ministry sought also to direct basic biomedical research more strongly into the sphere of Academy of Finland funding, and thus to return to the ministry's fundamental objective of producing applied research knowledge in support of decision-making.