There is a variety of new courses for training of Personal Trainers. Individually designed physical activity, fitness training and nutritional coaching can be provided by a Personal Trainer (PT) even without any qualifications. The professional...


The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports has been increasing its rank up to 8th among 81 Sport Science journals. The journal will go fully online from 2015 onwards. The number of yearly issues will increase from 6 to 12...


The vision of the strategy up to the year 2020 is that Finns will pursue more physical activity and sit less during the course of their lives.


Nordic Sport Scientists Highly Productive But Greater Transdisciplinary Collaboration Required to Remain Innovative.

Sport scientists in the five Nordic countries continue to conduct high-quality research published in high impact journals...


Each year, from betting-pools profits, the Ministry of Education and Culture awards state grants and appropriations for research and communications in sport.


Measured in terms of publishing activity, Finnish sports research's output-input ratio is good. At 82 per cent, the state share of funding in Finland is the highest among the Nordic countries, writes Leena Häänpää, chair of the National Sports...