Dear Friends of the Sport Science

With the last issue of the Motion – Sport in Finland – Magazine I welcomed you to our website to follow latest news and developments in Finnish Sport and Health Sciences. Now it is my great pleasure to inform that our international website has been opened. The is an open window for people who want to get to know Finnish Sport Science and people behind its achievements. The website aims at dissemination of knowledge by highlighting whys and wherefores of sport and sport science in Finland. We constructed an exhibition forum for Finnish actors to present their activities and achievements especially for those who wish to learn more and for those seeking for partnership and collaboration.

We publish Featured Articles twice a year to raise questions and concerns which are common to both residents of Finland and to people around the world. In the first issue we focus on Children and Youth. Recent national surveys demonstrate that there is a great variation among children and youngsters when it comes to fulfilling the physical activity recommendations. For example, Physical Activity and Nutrition in Children (PANIC) study will provide novel scientific information on physical activity, nutrition, overweight, obesity, physical fitness, oral health, quality of life, and health care costs in a representative population sample of children. The study is lead by Professor Timo Lakka from the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio.  

We also publish Blog Articles which will highlight current phenomena on politically or culturally important matters. In the starting blog Mr. Harri Syväsalmi, the director of the Unit for Sport and Youth Affairs in the Ministry of Education and Culture, discusses about the fight against match-fixing and international crime in sports. This concern has become an important part of the agenda of international sports policy in the past few years. What kind of a role can governments play in the fight against crime in global illegal betting markets? Defining this will be a tough challenge for international sport policy in the next few years. Mr Syväsalmi assures all readers that Finland wants to be an active player in international co-operation to tackle the challenge.

Sport Science in Finland is a slot where sport science institutes, current research and programs, actors in sport science and their major achievements will be presented. Finnish Sport Science Institutes are known of their scientific merit. They will be presented in several categories ranging from University level institutes to local research centers. Links to the original websites will be provided. Similarly Current Research and Programs will be linked to their original websites. In addition to large research programs also practical examples will be given about national programs for e.g. Sport for All and Strength for the Elderly.  The Actors in Sport Science will present Finnish scientists and experts. We constantly accumulate the number of persons to be included in the gallery. Major Achievements will highlight doctoral theses which will be presented through their English abstracts and when available also via www-link to their original manuscript for up-loading. The reader may also learn about the Finnish Society of Sport Sciences as an organization. Finally, you may also wish to visit Facts about Finland either to find your way up-to Finland for Scientific Conferences or simply for touristic events.

I’m confident that our new website at will serve you well. We will strive to up-date the pages together with our network of colleagues at home and abroad. We certainly welcome your advice, comments and suggestions for further development of the site. Please enjoy reading the first collection of articles and other information. Welcome back after the next click!


Kari L. Keskinen