The year of sport science 2013 – celebrating success

The past year has been a year of celebrations for Finnish sport science as well as for the Finnish Culture.

Finnish speaking teachers’ training started 150 years ago when the Jyväskylä Teacher Seminary was established. Today, the University of Jyväskylä is one the leading Universities in the country and internationally highly regarded, offering almost 100 academic subjects in seven faculties. The university has adopted education sciences and teachers’ training as the core function. In 2013 the university had approximately 15,000 degree students, 20,000 adult learners in continuing education, as well as nearly 2,600 employees.

Along with the 150th anniversary of Finnish teacher training, the university also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences,  the only Sports Faculty in Finland.

Physical Education Teachers’ training is a prominent part of the education program of the Faculty.  The visionary work of Uno Cygnaeus, the father of the Finnish public school system, has resulted in an excellent outcome. Education and teaching along with natural sciences, humanities, sport and health sciences are regarded as especially strong areas of this modern, multidisciplinary, international and popular university.

The current year also marks the 80th anniversary of the Finnish Society of Sports Sciences (LTS). The society has had a significant impact on the development of sports science and physical education teachers’ training in Finland. LTS has become an important actor in science communication within sport science and is thus complementing the highly regarded scientific work of the Finnish sports science community.

Last but not least, Finland joined the World Health Organization WHO’s initiative Move for Health for a decade ago.  LTS has coordinated and promoted the WHO initiative with a yearly celebration day. This year the national Liiku Terveemmäksi - Move for Health ( was organized by The Finnish Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (SOVELI) as part of its 20th anniversary.

With these outstanding achievements we have all reasons to expect that the excellent work that is being done today will give an even better harvest in the future. We welcome you to join us in enhancing an active way of life for everybody.