Spikes Equality Award 2015 to Kirsti Partanen

The Spikes Equality Award 2015 is handed to Ms Kirsti Partanen, who has a long and influential position in field of sport and exercise in Finland. She has also a remarkable history on working to enhance equality and voluntary activities in sports field.

Kirsti Partanen was the president of local organizing committee of Gymnaestrada of Finland in July 2015. The 15th World Gymnaestrada gathered 21 000 participants from 53 countries. This enormous amount of international participants made this event the biggest international event ever organized in Finland. Ms. Kirsti Partanen and her crew with thousands of volunteers made this event to happen!

The award’s name in Finnish – ”Piikkarit” – stands for both high heel shoes and track spikes. The award was initiated after the first International Conference on Women and Sport held in Brighton, UK in 1994. The prizewinners to date have been people, organizations and initiatives that advance gender equality in the field of sport and physical activity in a sustainable, effective and lasting way.

The prize was awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland.