Finnish Society of Sport Sciences


The Finnish Society of Sport Sciences is a multidisciplinary association that works in the field of physical culture and sports.

It is one of almost 300 learned societies in Finland. The Society provides information on sports and promotes activities that call for scientific expertise in the areas of sport and health. The Society also serves as a channel of discussion and influence for all persons and communities interested in sport and health research and the background phenomena of physical activity and sports.


The objective of the Society is to promote physical activity, health and well-being among people living in Finland by means of Science Communication. The Society aims to transmit expert information pertaining to sport and health sciences to professionals and decision-makers as well as to ordinary citizens in order to assist them in making choices that promote their physical activity, health and well-being.

The Society co-operates with scientific communities, the Ministry of Education and Culture, sport and health associations and other organisations that operate in the fields of physical culture and health. The members of the Finnish Society for Sport Sciences enjoy various member benefits including discounts on the publications and training seminars of the Society.