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UKK Institute in Tampere is a research institute working in the areas of Health Enhancing Physical Activity, social welfare and health care. The main aim is to promote healthy lifestyle and, in particular, health-enhancing physical activity through research, training and public awareness.

The UKK Institute monitors and evaluates the amount of physical activity and changes in the level of physical fitness within the population. Institutes target group is the entire population: children, young people, adults and senior citizens.

The Institute has a role of multi-disciplinary Institute of applied sciences. Both research and expert services are available

In the strategy of UKK-Institute for the years 2014-2018 is highlighted:

  • Monitoring the physical activity, fitness and sedentary lifestyle of the population
  • Decreasing sitting
  • Safety of moving and exercising
  • Physical exercise as a medicine


Since 1980 the Tampere Research Center of Sports Medicine (TAULA) has been operating as a part of the UKK-Institute. The main focus is on sport related injury research and prevention, of which it is known worldwide.

TAULA offers services to both athletes and regular citizens, in all age cohorts. to novice to high-class top athlete: medical services, testing of physical performance and fitness, physiotherapy and nutrition supervision. More information available in Finnish


Head of the UKK Institute is Professor Tommi Vasankari (MD).

The Chief Physician of Tampere Research Center of Sport Medicine is Dr Jari Parkkari (MD).